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Karma – Missed Calls

Karma – Missed Calls

KARMA Is Coming For YOU!!!

In a world of auto-tune mumble-rappers, a new star has risen up like a phoenix out of the ashes that we formally knew as the dying music industry. This absolutely epic, new artist goes by the name Karma, and she is coming for YOU! I can honestly say she really is coming for EVERYONE in the industry because she actually does everything good. She can sing, and I mean really sing. She can rap, and I mean bars and metaphors on top of flawless flow switch-ups. And somehow she still manages to look like a model coming right off the run way. These artists are in trouble, because the quality of Karma’s music is second to none. The sound that Karma and producer Parker have collaborated on is about to give birth to a whole new genre. It’s honestly the best of all aspects of music wrapped in one. The sky is the limit for this super duo. She is far from a one hit wonder because each of her songs are genuinely amazing in their own lane. If she sounds like this now I can barely imagine what she will sound like in a year’s time. Beware, because Karma IS coming for YOU! The best thing you can do at this point is run and hide cause there will be no stopping her!

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