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Juvenile – Mountain

Juvenile – Mountain

The Cash Money logo has, of late, implied turmoil, unrest, lawyers and contract battles. But when it flashes on the screen at the beginning of Juvenile’s video for “Mountain,” the old connotations come rushing back: gaudy album art, oversized jerseys, camouflage. The first song from his recent Mardi Gras 2 mixtape, “Mountain” doesn’t spend much time or energy trying to recreate the old aesthetic. Instead, the New Orleans vet trots out the suits and bow ties, boasting of his legacy and lamenting that Slim isn’t here to see him shine. Where many Marvin Gaye samples are flipped with an eye to the bedroom, here, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” speaks to exactly what Juvenile has done–persevere.

Source: Juvenile Keeps It Classy in “Mountain” Video – XXL