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Juskwam – Juskwam aka “The Solution”

Juskwam – Juskwam aka “The Solution”

The brand new album “JusKwam aka The Solution” is co-produced by @ProProspek and @dublamusic at Inner Recess studio in New Orleans.

The Houston-based emcee @Juskwam gets help from featured artists Suave, Elespee, Yuri Jones and more to cultivate his revolutionary sound. In the spirit of resistance of such hip-hop groups as Public Enemy and Dead Prez; Juskwam uses his music as a platform to uplift disenfranchised communities.

Juskwam recently received national attention in Rolling Stone Magazine for his empowering song “Black Fist”, which was selected by Guardians of the Galaxy movie director James Gunn to be featured in the “Awesome Mix Volume Zero”. Music and media parties interested in collaborating with Juskwam can reach the artist at his website – Juskwam.com.