Home Talent Joe Nance – Switch It Up [VMG Approved]

Joe Nance – Switch It Up [VMG Approved]

Joe Nance – Switch It Up [VMG Approved]

Switch It Up, is a chilled out and inspiring mix of Hip-Hop and RnB that starts with a soulful, jazzy chord progression on piano. Joe soon enters with the chorus hook that latches in your mind immediately: “No matter what you’ve been through, shake it up till you feel new…Go and switch it up …”. This is sung over a slinky, laid back beat, which breaks down to just kick drum in parts.

With a distinctive, confident vocal delivery on the chorus, he switches to rapping on the verse, displaying a real command of rhythm and rhyme. Lyrically, the message is very positive, about overcoming the negative aspects of life. There is also a poetic, worldly wisdom to lines like “Words to live by…never give a hater too much of your time….” and “Everything happens for a reason, everything has its season….”.

Overall, this is a first rate RnB track that works as a perfect showcase for Joe’s numerous talents.