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Jimmy ValenTime – On Your OWN

Jimmy ValenTime – On Your OWN

Jimmy ValenTime returns with his first solo single in over 3 years. “On Your OWN” barrows the classic neo soul instrumental from Erykah Badu’s single “Other Side of The Game” (1997) creating a jazzy and warm return for the critically acclaimed South Bronx emcee.

Jimmy ValenTime explains “On Your OWN” captures a more mature take on relationships then his previous work. “The song captures how life is really about the people you choose to spend it with. The moment you decide who really matters, instead of always looking for the next best thing. I wanted to make a record about the things worth fighting for.”

The song is the perfect bridge between what came before with Jimmy ValenTime two previous projects. Life in Amazin Times (2011) and The Lost Angel’s debut album Together, We Stand Alone (2013). Which Jimmy Valentime acted as both founding member and executive producer. “On Your OWN,” let you see where his music is heading towards right now. Jimmy ValenTime is set to release a mixtape early next year and album of original material in the spring.