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Born in Monroe, Louisiana on October 25,1993 Jalen Montez Bolden aka JAYSOLO was a loner, so his cousin called him solo and when he started doing music, JAY was added in front along the way. Growing up had its struggles without the parenting of a mother or father, but childhood did present some good moments for this future icon. JAYSOLO has 4 siblings on his mother’s side and 10 that he knows of on his dad’s side. Without the strong connection that most parents would have with their child, JAYSOLO created ways to become self sufficient and maintained to keep his mind on greater goals like conquering his territory within this music industry. At one time, JAY wanted to be a film director as a child and started making home movies
and skits as a child. At age 9, his cousins pulled him into joining a choir, and that was the initial push that developed his passion for music. Growing up, Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne were his two biggest influences growing up, but because of their ability to be publicly vocal about their concerns and issues, they stood out the most to JAY by addressing their stories their way!
His belief that hard work brings well earned results is the staple he stands by and becoming the best at his level in entertainment is the ideal situation.
Being from the south, artists that he’s opened for have been Boosie, Webbie, Yo Gotti, Foxxamil, Big Poppa, etc.

The future is beyond bright for this future mogul and accepting anything less than perfection is not on the calendar. Expect upcoming tours, concerts, publications and strong media for JAYSOLO in 2019 and follow this mega talent as he grows to stardom!

YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_sfKlzBCS7oADFDmLUfyYw?app=desktop


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