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Jacob Blomfield – Who is he?

Jacob Blomfield – Who is he?

Who is he and what is he about? Check out this featured interview with upcoming artist Jacob Blomfield.

VMG: Okay Jacob, great to have you here. We noticed you’ve been making a come up…. ultimately within the past few days.
How does that make you feel?

JB: I’m not sure how I feel just yet. Just very excited and ready to see what my future holds.
So excitement is really my main emotion as my first single finally hits the stores!

VMG: Incredible for sure. So, this is your first single and ALREADY you created quite a buzz.
what are your plans for the future? Any more singles you have on the way?

JB: Plans are to keep on working on music and make more songs! As of now I have a few
songs I am working on and thats that. No official dates have been set just yet!

VMG: WELL LET US KNOW FIRST! In other terms, we noticed you raced motocross. Yeah, we creeped up on your Twitter a bit.
Your artist bio says you quit due to injury, is this true? Do you miss it?

JB: Yes, big time. Motocross has been my entire life and it’s sad that I had to quit due
to continous injuries. Although, I am doing other things now and seeing that I have an
opportunity in other various fields excites me. Just like sitting here doing this interview!
I would have never thought of myself getting interviewed over a song I released.
Maybe over winning a race, but never this.

VMG: Any other particular words that can sum up your future, or at least what you expect from it?

JB: I’d love to make a living being an artist. All I can do is keep producing songs,
that people like. If I can do that than I’m on the right
track. Just bein somebody in music would be ideal!

VMG: SWEET! Once again, we thank you for sticking through these questions for us Jacob and we will definitely
be keeping up with your future/success.

JB: Definitely. Thanks for having me here!

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