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J. Cole Dropped From RocNation


September 08, 2011: MediaTakeOut.com got some CRAZY news. According to some very WELL PLACED SNITCHES, rapper J Cole is being DROPPED from RocNation – at Jay Z’s insistence.

Here’s what we know. According to one of our insiders at the label, Jay Z is EXTREMELY unhappy with J Cole, for what we’re hearing are “personal reasons.” Actually, we’re told that Jay is so UPSET with the young rapper that he wanted to get PHYSICAL. Our insider claims that Jigga PURPOSELY MISSED J Cole’s private album listening session – cause at the time, if Jay Z saw him – he would have PUT HANDS ON J COLE!!!

What happened to get Jigga so HOT? Well it’s NOT CLEAR. But we know that the two rapper “disagreement” happened right around the time when HUSTLER magazine reported that they had a J COLE and RIHANNA SEXTAPE in their possession.

And Jigga wasn’t just trying to F*CK DUDE UP physically . . . Jay has reportedly DROPPED J Cole from the ROCNation label. They will not OFFICIALLY announce J Cole being dropped until AFTER album is released later this month. But we’re told that J Cole is getting virtually NO BUDGET, and NO PROMOTION on his upcoming album.

DANG . . .let this be a lesson to all rappers. DON’T F*CK WITH RIHANNA!!!


  1. wtf he mad is he piping rihanna dont he have a fukin child lik wtf he need to worry bout beyonce… n if hedrop j cole he aint got shit for real j cole one of da realest niggahz out..i love jay n all but he mad for nothing..rihanna shouldnt of open her legs and fuked him i mean damn i wanna fuk j cole

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