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Introducing P A S $ I O N And His Debut Single “Questions”

Introducing P A S $ I O N And His Debut Single “Questions”

P A S $ I O N is a singer and songwriter based in London, UK. Recently, he announced the release of his very first song, “Questions.” This track features influences ranging from contemporary rap and old-school hip-hop, going for a melodic style that still retains a lot of energy.

The song sports a darker, hard-edged trap feel, but it also features some haunting cinematic melodies that set the bar higher. P A S $ I O N is working to develop a one-of-a-kind sound. The song’s chorus has a really great melody, and the lyrical flow is very smooth, especially when you listen to the verses, which talk about his current mindset. This song shows that he’s growing as a human being, and an artist too!

Find out more about P A S $ I O N and do not miss out on “Questions,” which is currently available on the web.

P A S $ I O N is a rap artist based in London, UK. He recently finished working on his very first track, “Questions,” marking his explosive debut on the local rap scene. Don’t pass up on this release, which is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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