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Introducing Felix New

Introducing Felix New

‘My own Way’ is a collaboration with UK producer Equalisation and demonstrates how versatile Felix New is as a writer and singer. His vocals float effortlessly over modern hip hop inspired beats that set the groove for retro synth stabs and arpeggiated synth lines which hark back to the glory days of electro-pop

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You only have to search Felix New on spotify to find over 50 songs he has written and recorded in the last 18 months. And he is as brilliant as he is prolific. He plays with different genres and from full blown uplifting pop songs to stripped down acoustic tracks. But what brings it all together nicely is his fine craftsmanship as a song writer and his voice. And when he sings you believe every word

‘My own way’ is released on March 6 2020.

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