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Infinite Marvelous – High Society

Infinite Marvelous – High Society

“Picking up from my last mixtape tape the “Spotted Horse”, hosted by Thomas Handsome where i gave the people that real grimy street flow. I wanted to switch it up a little bit on this High Society vibe.
Me and my dude Jey Lugo of Multitracks productions cooked this up over a few of his beats and other industry beats.
My homie Jey Lugo had a lot of insight of the choice of the sound and the look of the art work. I cooked up the raps and made sure i smashed every song.
There are two special songs on this project. I freestyle them off the head without writing it and the words flowed nice. It was like magic to me. The songs are tracks 3 and track 9 ”Who you think you are” and ”Off to the army”. I blessed this project with topics of gangster love songs with a smooth thug edge and worldly events. Look out for more projects coming in 2014 Enjoy.”