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Illyali – 4Lyfe

Illyali – 4Lyfe

The thought provoking yet heartfelt track is composed of melodies originating from old-school Soul infused with classic East Coast Rap. The unique style of Illy Ali’s artistry is already the talk of the town and with the release of this single the artist is all set to gain immense popularity and respect among his followers. “4Lyfe” was crafted together as a unique piece of art. It’s the culmination of two songs that are abstractly condensed into one.; it explores both a love that last a lifetime and the over-glorification of thug life. The Buffalo-born artist is one of the creative directors behind the “4am Astronauts,” which is a grassroots brand hosting a platform advocating unique music production and culture. “We cater to those who enjoy listening to good music, and celebrating authenticity,” said artist Illy Ali, “We’re hoping to share our passion with fellow music-lovers by releasing my single 4Lyfe.”


Abu Dhabi, UAE

imillyali at gmail.com