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H!zzy, The Eastern Rapper Taking The World By Storm

H!zzy, The Eastern Rapper Taking The World By Storm

We have found a rare gem in the midst of all the saturation of music content in the internet and it goes by the name; H!zzy. Hailing from Singapore, the most unexpected of all places. We got in touch with him and found out more about him.

Q: Hello can you introduce yourself?

H!zzy: First of all I would like to shoutout my day 1s. Ohnanaz, Sufi, OBF, Juanhunnid the crazy clique. Err.. I can’t remember them all, I’ll drop some once they come to mind. Anyway, I’m H!zzy artiste, from Singapore.

Q: That’s quite the introduction, we saw your video where do you find your inspiration?

H!zzy: It is all from my peers and things that surround me that influence me the most. I thrive in negativity and I turn them into inspiration and motivation.

Q: We have seen your art works, do you do them yourself?

H!zzy: I started doing art works commissioned by my Idols and I’m taken aback when they approach me but I think that visuals are very relevant in music and it helps me express things I can’t through music.

Q: We see you doing your tour, can we see you in the states?

H!zzy: You got my contact, book me (Laughs)

Q: What can we expect from H!zzy in the future?

H!zzy: Probably evolving and expanding and hopefully I will be featured again with you guys once it’s out, it’s crucial that we, as artistes get support from the public because that is the only way to do things independent and get noticed because they WILL NEVER show love to a no name, unless you know someone who knows someone. So I thank you.

Q: Any last words before we wrap up?

H!zzy: Shout out to myself for working hard (Laughs) but seriously thanks guys this means a lot to be appreciated.

For more info on H!zzy you can find him on his social media platforms; twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify etc.

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