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Hot Boys – We On Fire

Hot Boys – We On Fire

“We On Fire” is a single from Hot Boys’ albums Get It How U Live!, and Guerrilla Warfare. The songs are in the form of continued questions starting with “What kind of nigga…” (In the edited version, it’s “What kind of boy…”). In the original song on Get It How U Live, Juvenile asks the first question, Lil Wayne the second, and Turk the third, and the same order continues. B.G. was not available during the recording of “We On Fire” on the album Get It How U Live!, leading to him not appearing on the track. He appeared on the second version on Guerrilla Warfare, and he asked the second question between Juvenile and Lil Wayne. Both songs were produced by Mannie Fresh and written by Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G., and Turk. Originally on Get It How U Live! the song was titled “We On Fire (Pt. 1)”. On Guerrilla Warfare the track had just the title “We On Fire”, and it was released as a single.

The music video for the 2nd version of this song shows Juvenile, B.G., Lil’ Wayne, Turk and Birdman on the run from law enforcements after committing robbery.