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Hollyweed Sign Prankster Gunned Down

Hollyweed Sign Prankster Gunned Down

To start 2017, infamous prankster and well known hip-hop artist Divante Elias, better known as Rex The Rager, delivered arguably one of the best pranks of our generation. He changed the famous Hollywood sign to read Hollyweed through the night while everyone was partying it up, bringing in the new year.

Rex wasted no time taking responsibility for the prank online while remaining elusive from the authorities until January, 8th 2017. Only 7 days after giving us a great laugh, Rex was spotted at the Beverly Hills Center in Los Angeles, California with model Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga. Authorities were contacted by a store owner immediately.

Upon approaching Rex, he bolted. It was confirmed that Rex made it to the parking lot and tried to flee the scene unnoticed but the parking lot had been locked down. Not being able to leave through the main gates, Rex took off on foot, this is where things took a horrible spill.

Trapped, Rex decided to start firing at the cops as his last stand. He only shot a couple times before he was gunned down by LAPD. It’s not everyday we lose a positive rapper like Rex. His music will forever spread laughter through the world.


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