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Hip Hop Gets an Adrenaline Shot With “11:59”

Hip Hop Gets an Adrenaline Shot With “11:59”

This Single Refreshes The Game

O. “Dino” Domino (CEO of Mysterious Entertainment LLC) partnered up Princess Tia (CEO of Crown’d Headz Entertainment) and dropped what some are referring to as the “adrenaline shot” for Hip Hop music; with their latest release entitled “11:59”.

The single “11:59” featuring Princess Tia and Marquee (Mysterious Entertainment recording artist) off the upcoming PURE EP (by Dino) recently hit all major retailers and has hit the music industry with force. This single displays the talents of all artists from both independent labels while simultaneously exposing a blueprint for success. This “adrenaline shot” for Hip Hop, “11:59”, was officially released Fall 2015 by Mysterious Entertainment LLC “The Major Indie Label”.

The latest project from Dino is currently available on all major retailers to include iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and Apple Music; “11:59” is also currently streaming on all major streaming services such as Tidal, Rdio, Samsung Milk Music, iHeartRadio and Spotify to name a few.
The collaboration between the two independent labels was done to show indie artists that it is more beneficial to work together as a team in the pursuit of success as well as inspire them to generate good music; and obviously to provide music fans with a treat.

For more information and booking contact the label’s Operations Department at 832-304-3466 or info@mysteriousent.com. Learn about the label, its artist roster and upcoming projects at their official www.mysteriousent.com and follow them on social media at any one of the following:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MysteriousEntLLC
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Mysterious_Ent
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mysteriousentllc