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Harn SOLO – Stylin’

Harn SOLO – Stylin’

Harn SOLO takes in the culture at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California for the latest Focus Cinema TV directed video, “Stylin”. The feature presentation captures Harn SOLO performing while making his way through the famous beach side boardwalk, basketball courts and skate park. The soundtrack to the film is scored by long time collaborator Pro Prospek, who is noted as the 2010 NOLA Hip-Hop Award producer of the year. Moving from Los Angeles to New Orleans a few short years ago, the artist and producer quickly formed a bond together that resulted in four full-length albums – The Grind, Shooting Star, Journey To The Sky and Perfect Picture due for release this Fall. Music magazine Da-What Is Hip Hop? says, “Hip-Hop has taken this kid all over the place and his hunger keeps him working hard. Although he was raised on Golden Era hip-hop, he has developed his own style and made music that really reflects him”.