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Greta Ray To Release Haters On 4/29 With ER the Label.

Greta Ray To Release Haters On 4/29 With ER the Label.

Tell us who you are and how you started to make music

Hello Guys! Thank you so much for the interview!

I’m Greta Ray, I’m a singer, actress, model, and author. I’m 22 years old and I’m from Milan, Italy.

I started singing as a self-taught when I was very young. I always sang cartoon songs with my grandmother. Then in 2015, I met my current manager and producer Max Cenatiempo and we started working together.

We released 4 Italian singles: Il mio domani, A Roma un Venerdì, Vista mare and the last one, released in 2019. Thanks to these songs I had the possibility to be a guest, together with the big names of Italian music, of several summer music festivals. It was an amazing experience!

From 2019 to date, in addition to the pandemic that struck us, I decided to focus on a new musical style, experimenting and trying to sing different genres such as “Guns N’ Roses”, “James Blunt”, “Pink Floyd”, “The Weeknd”… And now here we go! I can say that I have found the style that best belongs to me and that represents me!

In January 2022 I signed a distribution contract with the label “Estabrook Road Records”.

On April 29th “Haters” will be released, my new single written by me in English and produced by Fausto Cogliati. “Haters” launches my new musical genre, different from my previous style. Max Cenatiempo took care of the mixing, while the mastering was finalized by Gary Noble.

What inspires you to write music?

I like people to be part of my life, convey my emotions and points of view. Whatever I have written and will write, will always talk about my personal experiences, bad or happy situations. My songs must represent me fully.

I wrote “Haters” thinking about all the moments in school when I suffered from bullying.

What is your creative process?

Inspiration for writing new lyrics generally comes at night.

I always write the first draft of the text in the phone notes. Everything comes by itself, from the idea of the topic and the message I want to launch, to the written words.

I read the text to my staff and ask their opinion, then together we try to throw an idea of melody.

Can you describe your latest release?

My latest song “L’amore che colore ha”, which dates back to 2019, is about the nuances of love through the five senses. It’s a song that is in my heart because it speaks of a very sensitive and delicate subject.

When people ask me “What color is love for you?”, I always answer: for me love is like a rainbow spinning top which, rotating, forms the white color.

What do you plan for the future?

On April 29, 2022, my new single “Haters” will be out on digital stores and there will be the possibility to buy the limited edition physical copy.

I have lots of new shootings planned, I will be part of a new movie coming out next year on an online streaming platform and I will start, with the release of the single, the official merchandising.

I’m very happy. I would like to thank all the people who support me every day and my official sponsors “Domus International Realty”, “Inlucefotostudio” and “Alys Gioielli”

Run and follow me on all social networks, you will see some good ones!




Pre-Save Link: https://ffm.to/haters-greta-ray

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