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GoWemy – Ultimate Style Rating Social App

GoWemy – Ultimate Style Rating Social App

Take a Sneak Peak into GoWemy – Ultimate Style Rating Social App

Get Opinion From All Around The World In Just 60 Seconds!


GoWemy is a fun way to share your style ideas with fashion lovers from all around the world!
GoWemy is a new unique online mobile photo-sharing fashion and social media service app that enables it’s users to take pictures of their outfits, share them and get a rating on their outfit in only 60 seconds!
GoWemy helps you with doubts on what to wear, what to buy, what looks good on you! The service provides You the advice you need when it comes to fashion. From now on with GoWemy you can avoid serious fashion mistakes. Basically, it’s your own personal fashion consultant.

How does it work?

Simple. You take a selfie of your outfit, post it on GoWemy and get a rating based on other users votes. You get the result in 60 seconds based on votes from all around the globe! You can rate others by simply swiping right if you like what they’re wearing and left if you think their outfit isn’t the way to go. Also You’ll be able to connect with people who’s style you’re into.

How much does it cost?

GoWemy is currently in the beta sign up stage and is 0,00$ -The basic version is absolutely free and always will be. Those who sign up now will also have the premium version free forever! With premium you will have access to more detailed information on who liked your style!
GoWemy will be available for android, iOS and windows phone.

How did the idea come about?

We’ve all been there: Going out on a date, business meeting and standing in front of a full closet wrapping your head around the big question ”What to wear today?!” Or trying out something at the store, shopping alone and not being sure ”What to buy?”, ” Does this look good on me?” That’s how GoWemy idea came to life. Having an objective, unbiased personal stylist is now just a click away! It helps you get ready faster and be more confident with what you’re wearing!

How do I get the app?

Go to gowemy.com and sign up for beta version.


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Contact: dino@gowemy.com