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Girls Like Magic Star – Geordie Robinson

Girls Like Magic Star – Geordie Robinson


Once in a while you can catch Geordie Robinson surfing at one of Los Angeles’ great beaches, but chances are he’s a bit too busy for that kind of recreation right now. Since recently moving to Hollywood he has been too involved with his acting career to smell the ocean’s salty breezes or to hear the sound of curling waves beckoning him. He is in high gear, moving fast forward and taking advantage of all the opportunities laid at his feet in the film industry.

In the short time he’s been here, Geordie has been involved in feature films, shorts and a series, and he’s enjoying every minute of it. The web series he’s part of is Girls Like Magic, directed by Mad Men actor Kit Williamson. Geordie also did voice over work on an American feature called Hunter’s Prayer and Valentine’s Day, a film in which Geordie plays one of the quirky lead, is currently being considered by major film festivals. This Aussie seems to never run out of energy because the day before he moved to the States,he wrapped another film called Teenage Kicks, which took a few weeks to complete principle photography. He’s very proud of that film and he describes it as “a beautiful project to be involved on.” Does this guy ever get tired?

Geordie grew up in Australia and spent his younger years surfing and performing in theater and eisteddfods. Wait, What? Eisteddfod’s is a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance. Apparently, they are a pretty common occurrence in Australia and Geordie thoroughly enjoyed performing in them. Okay, then, now we know. Another of the many interesting things about Geordie is that he and his family spent a year traveling throughout Europe when he was 12 and he was home schooled there. He also lived on a lavender farm in Provence, France.

Geordie is obviously an interesting person, and that nomadic lifestyle he led as a child has certainly helped him maintain his sanity in the crazy (an equally as nomadic) life as an actor. The acting talent is certain and this was fine-tuned through his training at the Actors Centre Australia drama program, joining other notable alumni including Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman and Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. It doesn’t get any better than that for an actor. Or does it? In the U.S. he also studied with Leonardo Di Caprio’s legendary acting teacher, Larry Moss, along with Annie Grindlay in her L.A. studio. With all that intensive training under his belt, it’s no wonder that Geordie Robinson has gotten so many roles and has become an experienced and in-demand actor in Hollywood. We just hope that he’s able to take some time off now and then so he can paddle out and catch a few waves.