Home Session GGC’s: Base, Bandero, Chezz & 3 Makes Music

GGC’s: Base, Bandero, Chezz & 3 Makes Music

GGC’s: Base, Bandero, Chezz & 3 Makes Music

GGC is an up and coming hip hop music company from small town Ruston, Louisiana.
They are quoted as saying, “sometimes music keeps you out of the grave and our of jail. For those of us who grow up in the hood and haven’t really seen greatness manifested, you have to find something therapeutic to do and for us that is music. We make studio time, fun time. ”
GGC started out meaning Go Getta Cartel but that word cartel can sometimes come across as negative although that is not who or what we truly stand for. We later decided on God’s Ghetto Children and all of our music tells out stories of things we have seen and/or experienced in the hood.
Two artist of GGC, Base and Bandero, collaborated on a club song titled, Ain’t Friendly. Ain’t Friendly gives insight to what goes on in small town clubs and how sometimes you may come across as not being friendly when you’re really only there to have a good time.
Ain’t Friendly is on GG Base’s mixtape, Tru Story. Tru Story is available for download on Spinrilla.

Pictured are 4 artist of GGC (3 brothers and 1 Godbrother).


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