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Get The Look With Maria Cardelli

Get The Look With Maria Cardelli

Get the Look

Rihanna is a multi-platinum selling artist, who is well known all over the world for her bluesy voice and amazing style. It’s safe to say that Rihanna is to this generation what Madonna was to previous generations, a fashion guru. Rihanna is inventive and creative, especially when it comes to taking risks in fashion. The best part about Rihanna’s fashion is that there are many trends that she has started that are easy to emulate. One thing I’ve noticed about Rihanna are the various ways she uses scarves throughout her attire. Scarves are great because they are versatile and can be worn many ways. Italian designer, Maria Cardelli, makes beautiful high-quality silk scarves that are manufactured in Como Italy (a town known for its fine silk). Beginning her career as an artist whose specialty was canvas painting, Cardelli has moved over to the fashion world where life and art collide. By placing pop art styled portraits on her silk scarves, Cardelli has found the perfect blend to incorporate both of her passions to make one seamless product. As we dive deeper into fall and chug along to the winter months, check out how Rihanna rocks a scarf and get the look.
Wear it On Your Head

Rihanna loves to wear scarves as hair accessories. She has been seen wearing scarves as a bow headband, tying it in the front Rosie the Riveter style to bring some edge to her look, or wearing it semi-turban headband when she lets her hair down. No matter what style she is going for it always seems to help set the tone for the look she is trying to accomplish. Maria Cardelli’s Make Up Scarf is the perfect accessory to do this with. The high-quality silk won’t damage your hair, and it’s a trendy way to incorporate a scarf into your wardrobe when you would not like to have them around your neck. When rolled up the scarf will be bold with colors and give your outfit some pop. Whether you tie it in a bow, let it hang Rosie style or semi-turban tie it, this will be a trendy way to turn a bad hair day into something amazing.


Drape it Like a Shawl

We all like a little drama and so does Rihanna. Another trendy way that Rihanna wears a scarf is by making it a statement piece by draping it around a plain colored dress. Maria Cardelli’s Aggressively Scarf is the perfect scarf to emulate this look. Made with 100% silk chiffon it will provide the flowy delicate feel you would need to achieve the overall romanticism of this outfit. Pair this with a solid colored dress to make the scarf stand out.



Get the look by using Rihanna’s easy style hacks and Maria Cardelli’s contemporary fashion accessories that will upgrade your overall style. For more information about Maria Cardelli and please visit, http://mariacardellifashon.com.



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