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G-Field Writes Letter from Prison to His People

G-Field Writes Letter from Prison to His People

I’m currently serving a two year prison term for felonious assault, weapons charges, and drug possession. Never have I been the one to glorify violence, However, I did plead guilty during the third day of my trial simply because I was not willing to gamble with a total of 22 years that I could have received. I would like to thank my Attorney Clyde Bennett for his dedication and energy to the case. I have a little over one year left to serve on my total sentence. I will be released on October 2nd 2014. I would like to thank each and everyone of my real friends, family members, and supporters who have chose to stand by my side through this difficult time. I appreciate yall a great deal; all the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter love really does serve as a form of inspiration. I’m doing well as can be expected outside of being incarcerated. While others claim to hold it down I holds it up! Ain’t nothing changed about me but my physical address! My spirit, will, drive, nor determination cannot and will not be broken because of my current situation. Yes I am serving time in prison but that doesn’t make me powerless. Moves are still being made and my creativity is still flowin. The “Free G-Field” t-shirts are being reproduced. Music is my passion so quite naturally I’m still writing. I’ve been working on several screenplays; I also have a book in the works as well. My DVD “Field’s Day” is complete but while going through my legal battle the full scale promotions for the project unfortunately were interrupted, so be on the lookout for that sooner than later. I will try my hardest to correspond to all my supporters that have reached out. Again the love is appreciated very much. I can receive and send emails from jpay.com. Log on by putting my inmate number 687-716 and the state Ohio the set up an account. Please continue to check on my website for updates and new music at hustlastateonline.com. Thanks again, take care and no matter what it is you do…always stay motivated!

Simply, G-Field

Letters can be sent to G-Field at the following address:

Quentin Brown 687-716
P.O. Box 300
Orient, Ohio 43146