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G-Field – “The Hustla State of Mind”

G-Field – “The Hustla State of Mind”

G Field is an artist with a wide array of skills. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, G-Field doesn’t label himself as a rapper like most. He would rather be looked to as a professional businessman. He is an artist who hasn’t just dealt with music, but he has had a hand in various films,documentaries, and also fashion. Coming up soon he will be releasing “Royal Consent” clothing line which will consist of limited edition clothing not just for the Fellas but also the Ladies.

Let’s take a look at who G Field is as a business man and how he is going to change the game.

A.Marie: How would you define Hip Hop?

G Field:
I define it as a lifestyle. I feel it goes beyond the music. You think of creativity, fashion, how you talk, and if people can follow you.

A. Marie:
Tell me about some of the projects you have worked on…

G Field: Well there is a Mixtape/DVD combo called ” Daily Doses of Game” that I worked with Core Dj Skno on. I have the “Hustla’s Recipe” which is a manual that shows how I got started, what I’ve been through, and it also showcases a few independent artists I have worked with. Then there’s “Field Day” which takes you into a day in the life as G Field. I chose “Field Day” for that one because it reminds you of the field day you would get in school while growing up, but a field day in the aspect of a day in life with me. I want to add in “Hustla State of Mind 2.0” hosted and mixed by Dj E-Dub and “Hustla State of Mind” the mixtapes 1 & 2 hosted and mixed by Dj Chaos.

Describe your music.

G Field: I would say different/original. Because when you hear alot of other artists they sound like someone you have heard before. In all my material I use original producers. I don’t rap over beats that have already been used before. I do my own thing. In my music you get me….you get originality. I put alot of time and hard work into my music. Nothing I do is just going to be thrown together. You will always get timeless music from me.

Why do you think there is so much conflict with other local artists?

G.Field: There’s no unity and too much competition at the end of the day. You will never see me starting conflict or problems with other artists.Why down the next person? I really dislike that. It’s no respect amongst the artists. Team work will make the dream work. And at the end of the day we all from the same struggle and we need to wok together. I don’t know if it’s egos….I honestly would rather just let my music speak for itself. All that other shit is out the window and bogus.

What do you want to accomplish this year in 2012 as an artist?

G.Field: My ideal goal right now is to move out the city of Dayton. There are no outlets for film or music in this town. I mean who is here to actually take notice? And also I definitely want to do some more quality projects at least 1 year. I just want each project to be better than the last, meaningadvancement and elevation for the company as a whole.

Where can your fans/supporters look you up?

G.Field: www.facebook.com/hustlastateent. Twitter Name is: Hustlastateent. My website www.hustlastateonline.com is currently under construction and should be up and working soon.

Any last words to top off your interview?

G. Field:
I really appreciate the support I am getting locally. I thank VMG for being there to support me as well. And I have alot comin’ up soon so keep your eyes peeled.



  1. Rarely do you find a black male who has overcome a tremendous amount of personal obstacles become a positive role model for today’s black male. I commend you G-Field for paving the way for these young businessmen. You are a class act (and not just because you’re my brother either, lol).

    1. thanks sis, that really means a great deal to me too. i really appreciate it.

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