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Free Range: RealKells On His Latest Hot Track

Free Range: RealKells On His Latest Hot Track

Another few months of work comes another bangin’ result from one of the appreciated underground Hip Hop artists out there. RealKells brought us a track that brings a lot of bounce and vibrations from the current sounds of Hip Hop. “Setting a free range doesn’t mean that people can do whatever the hell they want already as soon as we’re able to taste that first true success. The key is to be able to maintain that so that we can expand our range of things that we would want to do to make us truly happy.” In addition to the premise of the song: “And at the same time, for us to be able to leave something that will make everyone that has touched our lives remember us forever.” The message is encouraging. The track has it’s influences ranging from Isaiah Rashad, J-Cole, Big Sean, and maybe a little bit of Kendrick Lamar.

RealKells may be roaming around the underground scene, sometimes unnoticed, but as soon as he puts something to the table it’s always going to be what people would expect: a really good track. Check out his new single below!

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