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The Flourishing Career Of Film Editor Azi Rahman

The Flourishing Career Of Film Editor Azi Rahman

The flourishing career of film editor Azi Rahman

The breadth of experience of London-born editor Azi Rahman has placed him in a unique position to work as the head editor on a multitude of high-profile projects, which collectively demonstrate him as an auteur of the art with unlimited talent.

His impressive list of accomplishments in the world of advertising to date include working as the editor of commercials for Soft Paris Lingerie, the #1 direct selling brand of sensual products in Europe, and Target’s acclaimed “Gift for Revenge” campaign referred to by Hollywood.com as “the future of advertising.”

Azi has also been the editing genius behind multiple projects on behalf of JPR Media Group’s clients including the online and social media campaigns for Bomberg Watches, London nightclub Mason House, Tonteria and coveted leather designer DecorumLYD.

With a dazzling reputation for success already under his belt, it comes as no surprise that the sought after editing extraordinaire has transitioned into the world of feature films and hit television shows with ease.

On behalf of Alive Entertainment and Filmaka, Azi edited seven award-winning films that were judged by industry heavyweights like Bill Pullman; all of which did exceptionally well.

Filmaka.com founder and the producer of Bend It Like Beckham, Dredd and the Netlfix hit series Sense8, Deepak Nayar, said, “[Azi’s] proven to be one of our most consistently excellent and talented editors. His work has been judged by the likes of Werner Herzog, Colin Firth and Paul Schrader. He has also created and edited two original web series that demonstrate his versatility as a creative editor. Azi is the consummate professional and has a tremendously bright future.”

Azi’s work on the film American Dreams also led the crime thriller to be selected as a finalist in the filmaka.com feature film contest, an accomplishment that only further raised his profile in the eyes of the industry’s most respected executives. He was then tapped to edit Christie, a comedy series that follows a plumbing salesman whose fight to supply the world with his plumbing products will not be complete until he dominates the industry.

The praise Christie received provided Azi Rahman with incredible exposure in the industry bringing his talent to the attention of Next Stop Media, leading the company to add him as the editor of their mockumentary comedy series British Andy.

His proven track record of success not only made him an easy first choice for the job, but it also instilled confidence in the company, which had no qualms with Azi editing the project remotely from London where he was based at the time.

If only from the simple fact that Banca Studios recently purchased the first season of the series, it becomes clear that Azi nailed the mark with his work on British Andy. The series also received extensive coverage in major newspaper publication such as The Daily Mail and The Daily Star, not to mention a dedicated segment on the ITV talk show Lorraine, a television show that discusses what’s “hot” in Hollywood.

With international commercials, award-winning films and online videos that have gone viral at record speeds placing him in a position far above the majority of his peers, it is undoubtedly apparent that Azi Rahman’s career will continue to flourish as time goes on.