Home Talent Feel Excellent Lyricism and Positive Vibes in Charlie Luis New Single

Feel Excellent Lyricism and Positive Vibes in Charlie Luis New Single

Feel Excellent Lyricism and Positive Vibes in Charlie Luis New Single

When somebody wants hearing some soothing dance music track, Charlie Luis is the first name that comes to the mind. His recent club mixes are creating buzz.


If you are a music enthusiast, you might know that music is divided in different genres. Well, amongst these genres, some have gathered good nototerity the world of music. People, who love listening to edgy music, they generally prefer ear-soothing beats. Dance music has proved to be one of the best ear-soothing music genres of all. After hip hop and rap, this genre has evolved with a great success. While everyone is busy with creating hip hop and rap fusions, some artists are only focusing on developing new dance tracks.

Charlie Luis – a new name in this section has catered mind-blowing musicality. His music involves flawless rhythmic approaches. The tracks are very satisfying to the ears of listeners. Of course, one will like to experience a peaceful ambience after struggling with a whole stressful day. And guess what – Charlie Luis has offered his fans with exactly the same by creating some excellent lyricism. This young singer is hailing out of Chicago and he has begun his journey to the world of music long ago. The artist was only ten when he started experimenting with different styles of music.

Moreover, he has worked with several music groups during these past years. Playing with varied instruments must be one of the hobbies of this singer. His passion for music is clearly shown in the tracks. Also, the instrumentation in each track will overwhelm your mind. One of his best creations ‘My Love Original Mix’ got released on 8th June, 2017. Here, the singer has worked well to present the upbeat and joyful light. The underlying sentiments of the singer are perfectly woven through the single. Another single ‘My Love Charlie Luis’ – the club remix has catered good plays count and appreciation from soundcloud listeners.

Fresh, creative yet groovy and soothing – are the perfect adjectives to describe the track of Charlie Luis. This music has been praised as the best well-performed lyrical blend of this singer. The rhythmic approach is keeping electronic energy of the remix as well. Some lyrics will surely strike in your mind. If you are tired of listening to the same rhythmic blends, then it is high time to switch your preference to this young and passionate singer.

The music of this rock-star is not marked as heavy. In fact, it is presented to be light and uplifting. Leading vocal performance and the soundscape is rising up hand in hand. When the singer has dropped these hit songs, his soundcloud profile has immediately gathered huge listeners count. Examples of some of his excellent instrumentation are – ‘La Fiebre’, ‘Se Motiva’, and ‘Takata’ etc. to get a close association of this rising rock-star, you can follow him in Snapchat, instagram and twitter as well.




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