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How Being Fashion Conscious Helps Loose Weight?

How Being Fashion Conscious Helps Loose Weight?




Gorging on Mac n’ cheese while sitting and scrolling away idly on the laptop won’t make those love handles disappears, or the saddlebags move away to the side (pun intended), so don’t waste a single more minute and start a fitness rule book tonight! A rule book that is more like a Bible, to live by and swear by!  The doting gentleman or the hot fitness enthusiast, are all made up of 80% food and 20% exercise that is rule number one! The second thing that surely has worked for me, always like wonders is picturing myself in the latest jeans for girls or jeggings for girls while doing some online dress shopping. I know looking at such wafer thin models wearing leggings for girls can be disturbing for some, but if you take it sportingly and decide why not me too, your work is half done here.


Fitting into your desired jeans for girls may motivate you to work out more, or maybe seeing your best friend shaking her booty in the latest jeggings for girls with a crop top turns you all shades of green, and you decide this is the last time I take this crap, now I am going to show her whose the queen!! Whatever it takes, get your sorry a## off the couch and get going girl, being lazy is not going to take you anywhere.

Get inspired by looking at the online dress shopping websites, mark a date in your calendar (Be realistic here) choose a nice figure hugging number and make it your goal to lose those extra bulges for this pretty-dreamboat-of-a-dress. I have myself bought an extra pair of leggings for girls with off-shoulder tops or crop tops with new sneakers to inspire me when I was not working out at all.


I have seen my cousin going out to shop every time she loses inspiration and sitting at home, she just keeps on piling on those stubborn pounds. These days online dress shopping sites make it so simple and convenient to buy whatever you want to, without feeling any kind of pressure from anyone. A very obese friend of mine was always apprehensive buying jeans for girls from a virtual store as she was embarrassed parading around in her new pair and asked questions about her waist and hip size, the kind of looks given by the onlookers discourage a person and she altogether stopped going to the mall. These online dress shopping sites opened a whole new chapter of fashionable clothes and happiness in her life.

Now just buying these clothes or leggings, jeggings for girls won’t help you lose weight unless you gear up for some tough gruelling regime as well. Get proper exercise in the routine and see the amazing results as one converts from slightly chubby to what is called as the perfect body that inspires not only oneself but the people around oneself! It is safe to say that exercise is the most imperative part of a bodily routine, but looking at the food part, which consists of 80% of the total fit rule book plan! It is rightly said that nothing will work unless you do and controlling your portion size helps a lot.



The food one consumes on a day to day basis does not contain the appropriate and exact nutrients that can nourish the body as well as give the food nutrition drive a jump start. So what next? Plan on having a balanced diet rich in nutrients and go exercise, not because you have to get thin but because you want to feel confident in wearing anything.

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