Home Interviews Ex-addict raps about overcoming addiction on Mixtape!

Ex-addict raps about overcoming addiction on Mixtape!

Ex-addict raps about overcoming addiction on Mixtape!

Ex-addict raps about overcoming addiction on mixtape, his unique sound blew us away!

We ask him a few questions about his crazy lyrics.

Crump is a rapper/producer from Australia that just dropped his debut mixtape “nothing serious” last week following the success of his first song “bitches rolling with me.”

This track hit home with us when he sent it in as it deals with commitment issues caused by mental illness. Crump discusses the fact that he only has “bitches” as his friends and none of the female kind. This kind of self-deprecation and humour is what made this mixtape truly stand out to us.

We decided to reach out to him to discuss some of the songs on “nothing serious,” which clearly is quite a serious mixtape to digest.

“The songs Ghostrider and Bitches both discuss commitment issues, yet Ghostrider discusses how you can satisfy a girl even when you’re not there, what did you mean by this?”

Crump: “Both songs are about a girl I met about 10 years ago. I could never commit to her, I really couldn’t commit to anyone because I was pretty fucked up on drugs. Ghostrider is about how that girl was so obsessed with the fact that I would never be with her. If I was interested in her all the time, she would never have been interested, so for the times I wasn’t there for her, it is like she is having sex with a ghost until I’m there. Therefore she is a Ghostrider.”

“What could you say about When We Die and Searching, they both seem to discuss drugs, which is something you are open about, could you elaborate on how drugs influenced these songs?”

Crump: “Like most songs on this mixtape, they are freestyles from raw emotion. I have been sober for about 12 months now which is generally how long I last. When we die is a dark look at what it feels like to want to give up sobriety and the mental fight one goes through. It discusses the fact that I won’t try DMT, but it happens when we die, so it’d be easier if I just died.”

“Wow, that’s brual, so what about Searching, that seems like it is about a girl that you have lost. Is that the same girl from the first few songs?”

Crump: “You’re right, but wrong also, and it isn’t the same girl. On NYE, I micro-dosed on MDMA and recorded this song as a way to describe what it feels like to be on a drug that reconnects the parts of me that feel love when I’m going through hard times. These hard times were caused by a harsh break up which has made me feel distant with our world. I am really reaching out to her but I’m actually talking about the drug. I do MDMA once a year on NYE as a reference point so it’s the only exception I ever have if I’m sober.”

Check Out His Music And More HERE:  http://crumptherapper.com/

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