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Elizabeth Ann Shoes – The World’s First Purse For Your Feet

Elizabeth Ann Shoes – The World’s First Purse For Your Feet

Thanks to 28-year old Canadian designer Elizabeth Anne, women from all over the world can immediately begin perfecting their dance moves.

Anne has designed Purse n’ Boots, a revolutionary new boot created with secret pockets intended to allow women to ditch their purse while finally being able to enjoy themselves as they go shopping, clubbing, traveling, and of course, dancing.

Dubbed by Global CBC Radio and Virgin Radio “the world’s first purse for your feet,” Purse n’ Boots are hand-made, couture boots that allow women to secretly – and conveniently – store their cell phone, make up, credit cards, house keys, cash, and passports in a hidden pocket. Women can now dance, travel, and shop purse-free while wearing the trendy and durable boots that can be found on the Elizabeth Anne Shoes official website.

According to Anne, she started her Elizabeth Anne Shoes line because she wanted to simplify life for women while also designing a fashionable and reliable form of footwear. She explains that “I personally hate to carry a purse, and always seem to lose them, so I wanted to create something that would eliminate the need for one.

”Watching the ease with which men store their essentials also inspired Anne: “Men have it so easy – you see them on the dance floor shaking away, while their girlfriends try to juggle their drink and their purse at the same time. Not anymore, ladies!”As important as their practicality is the Purse n’ Boots’ quality. Well aware of the delicate nature of most boots, Anne determined to create boots that survive three or four seasons of intense wear: “There is nothing worse than seeing your new favourite boots disintegrate after one season! Having something that lasts is always worth the investment to me.”

According to the Elizabeth Anne Shoes website, Purse n’ Boots are “crafted from gorgeous leathers with expert hands, and designed to last a lifetime of use.

”Anne prides herself on her ability to find the highest quality leathers and create the most comfortable shoe on the market, while still maintaining a competitive style. She adds that she “wanted to create boots with drool-worthy designs and exquisite leathers.” Like any savvy business woman, Anne knows that variety is important to her customers.

As a result, Purse n’ Boots come in a number of different styles, including riding, cowboy, casual, laced-up, and heeled boots.

Follow the company at https://www.facebook.com/elizabethanneshoes and www.elizabethanneshoes.com.