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Elijah Johnson: When The World’s In Solitude

Elijah Johnson: When The World’s In Solitude

NEW MUSIC from the Los Angeles native Elijah Johnson. The new EP “Solitude: The EP” is an 11 song project that stands on a lot of the social issues we are currently enduring. Within the intro, Elijah Johnson begins the album with his stance on how he feels about the police. From that point, Elijah Johnson keeps his foot on the pedal and talks about how White people tell black people that their problems could be a lot worse than what they are. The 11 song EP encapsulates his thought process during his moment of solitude. From introspective songs to summertime bangers, Elijah Johnson shows his full range and gives the world a complete project they never knew they needed.

Additional Media: https://album.link/us/i/1523575771


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Los Angeles, CA


Elijah Johnson: also has my own brand called (amor.) which is aimed towards pushing the meaning of self-love and how to properly love others. amor. four new meanings using acronyms. A Mind On Revolution, A Move Off Regret, A Moment of Realization, and A More Organized Response.

Check out the website: https://amorla.cc/




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