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Dope time to be an artist, the weather is changing, and people are looking to listen to good music. We’ve tapped in with the Inglewood, Cali native to talk new music and more…

Additional Media: https://music.apple.com/us/album/be-you-side-a/1670903389

Q. The first time you were featured in Vintage Media Group, you were in a group called Hoolie Pack, what’s going on with you and the group?

A. I am the founder of the brand Hoolipack & I’m the leader of the music collective. I’m currently doing my own thing. Pushing out new music & working on new clothing for the

Q. How do you feel about being a solo artist? A. I love being a solo artist. It’s truly liberating to know that I can hold it down all on my own. I’ve always been the one to dance to the beat of my own drum. I’m thriving in this newfound independence. Q. Tell us about your new EP “Be You.”

A. First of all, my new EP “BE YOU (side A)“ is out now & streaming everywhere. I made “BE YOU” to take listeners on a journey with me using my own personal life experiences as inspiration and a guide to finding their own individuality. Through this EP I also wanted to remind people that it’s cool to be different & unique in this new era of copy-and-paste culture. I made the songs off of this project in pivotal moments in my life. Most of the songs were inspired by my own journey of self-discovery & lessons I’ve learned as I matured throughout the years from age 18 to 22, into adulthood. This project is the culmination of my previous projects under the alias “Florence the Infinite”. Starting with “Balance” then “Growing Pains” and now ending with “BE YOU”! Be You is the final chapter in this series of projects.

Q. Describe “Elias The Infinite

A. Elias the Infinite is a multifaceted artist with no limitations. Elias is defined as a faithful man of God & the infinite portion of my name represents the legacy I intend to have throughout my art and overall impact.

Q. What artist inspire you ? and what was your inspiration for making the Be You EP?

A. The three artists that have inspired me the most are Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. The inspiration behind the making of the Be You Ep was the direction I saw the rap game headed. I wanted to show all the scared MCs that it’s ok to do you unapologetically. I was raised by Hip Hop & for me it always represented self-expression & individuality. As I got older, I was saddened by the shift in the culture in this new era of copy & paste Rap. Hip Hop is all salty now with little to no pepper. I wanted to bring some excitement and flavor back to the game. Plus, I wanted to wrap up the series of connecting projects I’ve released leading up to this two-part Ep.

Q. How old are you? And how long you’ve been rapping?

A. I am currently 22 years old, and I’ve been word-swerving since I was 13.

Q. If you could give your 15-year-old self advice, what would it be?

A. I would tell my younger self to always put yourself first & don’t let anybody compromise your peace of mind.

Q. What’s next for Elias The Infinite in the next 9 months?

A. I would tell my younger self to always put yourself first & don’t let anybody compromise your peace of mind.

Q. Elias finishes this sentence, In 2023 I’m giving thanks to………..

A. God, Family, and Pulsar Management!

Check out my Ep “BE YOU (side A)”


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