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Eazy El Loco – “The New Boy”

Eazy El Loco – “The New Boy”

Eazy El Loco is a 19 year old college student who is an up and coming Hip Hop Artist who has been pursuing music since the age of 13. Even though he has a Mexican and Panamanian upbringing he is looking to put a different spin on his music lyrically and in a cultural sense. His mixtape “The New Boy” was just released and he is pushing his first single and music video from the mixtape called “Shot Caller”. He takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to VMG about the meaning behind his music and what we can expect from him this year.
Who is Eazy El Loco?
Let’s find out.

Autumn E: How did you come up with Eazy El Loco?

Eazy El Loco: Well my name in Spanish is Isai which is pronounced like EE-SA-EE and ever since I was a toddler my godfather would call me Eazy E. I wanted to keep the name Eazy because that’s what everyone knew me by, but I decided to add the “El Loco”, which means crazy, to describe my personality.

Autumn E: So I noticed you said you were Mexican/Panamanian, and in the Hip Hop Industry sometimes there is a stereotype on what an artist looks like. How do you think it will be to be in an Industry that doesn’t have many Latin Hip Hop Artists?

Eazy El Loco: As I see it, it is very hard for a Latino hip hop artist to be recognized in the industry. But the way I look at it, I was raised in an environment where there was nothing but people of color. So even though I do make some cultural references at times, I make sure that people from all different backgrounds can relate to my music. It might be harder for a Latino artist to come out of the Midwest as opposed Texas or California, but that just pushes me to work harder.

Autumn E: I noticed your mixtape was released in March of this year and it is titled “The New Kid’’, why did you feel that was an appropriate title?

Eazy El Loco: Well I chose the title because at the time, I was growing up, which I still am doing, but I was brand new to college, I had just moved out on my own and I felt like a brand new person starting a new life. The only thing is I wanna stay young forever, so I felt as if I was the new kid who was ready to take on the world and face its challenges. I also wanted to use The New Kid title so I could introduce myself officially as an artist.

Autumn E: How would you describe the “sound” of your mixtape?

Eazy El Loco: It’s very different from what you would normally hear from a Dayton artist. I’m very lyrical with this project. I have tracks that would do well in the club, but then I also have tracks that you could cruise to, maybe even make a baby to. There’s no one set sound to this project because every track is different.

Autumn E: How did you come up with the concept for your music video “Shot Caller”?

Eazy El Loco: Actually, Fego at Tha Double O is the man behind the concept for the video. He shopped it to me, told me that he’d think it would be dope to do it on campus, and I automatically thought it was a great idea. It depicts what college life really is like, from sitting in a class to partying and having a great time. What you see in that video is what a typical Friday is like at Wright State.

Autumn E: What artists do you look up to? And are there any you would compare your music to?

Easy El Loco: As far as locally, I really look up to my big brother Cali Kid Dubz, he’s doing a lot of great things right now musically. I also look up to JR The Star simply because musically, he’s always been himself. His music is definitely unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I got a lot of respect for the 1913 movement in general for being unique in their sound. As far as major artists my favorite rapper of all time will always be Big Pun. I listen to everybody tho. I don’t like comparing my music to anyone else because everyone is different and everyone has their own sound.

Autumn E: What do you want to avoid while in the music industry? Any type of stereotype, movement, or etc.?

Eazy El Loco: I want to avoid anything that brings negative energy towards what me and my team are doing. I don’t want to have people in my circle that will not contribute anything positive to what I’m trying to accomplish.

Autumn E: What can we expect from Eazy El Loco this year? Or in other words, coming up soon?

Eazy El Loco: Well I actually have a couple of shows lined up for May. I’ll be performing at the MadLove Music Festival down in cincy on May 26th and again on May 31st at Wright State University for UAB’s Musefest. I also plan on releasing the Weekends In Cincy video by the end of May, maybe early June. You can definitely expect more videos, a new project, and hopefully some more shows.

Autumn E: Where can your supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Eazy El Loco: My twitter is @EazyElLoco, My Facebook is www.facebook.com/therealeazyelloco, you can also find me at www.eazyelloco.com