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Dotcom Entrepreneur Who Lives At Home With Mama

Dotcom Entrepreneur Who Lives At Home With Mama

The Bangladesh-born Memphis entrepreneur, Rafi Chowdhury who is believed should be independent in every sense of it is sure independent when it comes to business decision but not so independent when it comes to getting his own home.

The 23-year-old digital marketing specialist who has made a success of his 2 internet ventures as the co-founder of myCampusHacks.com and the owner of Chowdhury’s Digital still unbelievably, stays at home with his mama.

Having to work for over 60 hours weekly on his fast growing food and beverage business Chocolate Checkmates that specializes in making chocolates, cakes and candy in chess subject shapes and his chess and leadership courses Chowdhury’s Chess Leadership Program that practically coaches everyone interested to learn all about the chess game, Rafi would rather bunk at his parent’s house for utmost concentration than to live alone.

According to him, “I live at my parent’s house just so I don’t have to worry about rent, maintenance, laundry, or other tasks that might distract me from my work.”

Chowdhury, who is more into his work and strategic thinking, has worked with a good number of clients ranging from small business owners such as carpet cleaners to mid- sized transportation companies to well-known politicians.
The best part of this is that he meets his clients at public places such as Starbucks or at restaurants or other local venues since his bedroom is his office.

This driven entrepreneur was already running a company with 7 employees that was servicing 13 schools locally at the age of 21!

When asked which office his employees resume into, he said “Most of my employees are not in the U.S. On my team, I have a graphic designer, web developer, couple of content writers, and I have a virtual assistant who helps me with some of my everyday tasks. The company I am partnered with (IPS3web) has a team here in the U.S.A. consisting of a developer and a project manager and myself. The rest of our team is in Bangladesh and contains developers, graphic artists; SEO’s and experienced project managers.”

It is apparent why this fast-growing young multi-skilled success needs all the time he can get. ” I also hire virtual assistants who use my Facebook to do a lot of my content promotion for me” from “my bedroom which doubles as my office” he says.

His mum does his laundry which leaves him with only his room and dishes to clean. “But for the most part, I try to stay away from spending my time to do house chores as it takes away from time I can put towards growing my business. This is the main reason why I choose to live at home with my parents!”
Although he has not stayed alone since he is a really social person that always had at least a roommate with him, he is looking forward to moving into an apartment somewhere in the mid-town area of Memphis.

“I will really miss living at home and all the benefit of the at-home stay, but I think living on my own again will also have its own advantages. But, definitely, I will have to hire someone to come in at least once a week and do some of my house chores for me!”

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