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The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Partywear

The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Partywear

The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Partywear

Christmas is creeping up round the corner quicker than ever before and you still have no clue what the hell you will be wearing to your Christmas office party this year! When it comes to the office Christmas party there are a lot of mixed feelings – you either love of them or you hate them. Some of us look forward to the office Christmas party whereas others see it as a minefield filled with gossip, alcohol and scandal.
So for those of you who cannot wait for your office party and are completely stumped for ideas on what to wear then here is the perfect Christmas partywear guide that includes all the dos and don’ts that you will need to consider when shopping for what to wear to your Christmas party this year.

When conducting our research we checked out a few online retailers such as La Vida Boutique, Debenhams and Coast for some Christmas partywear inspiration.


Do dress the part

This isn’t just a normal night out with the work lot, it’s the Christmas do so to all you ladies out there it’s time to bring your glitter A game on! This is not the time to wear the new Christmas jumper you bought the other day, it’s the time to get your legs out and wear your favourite LBD or glittery gown and go completely crazy.

Do show your unique style

The great thing about Christmas partywear is that you can go OTT without being judged or looking like a crazy person. Being in an office you are so restricted to a block of colours and boring styles of clothing so for your Christmas party show everyone how adventurous your style is with some statement pieces – channel your inner chic!

Do follow a theme

Nothing is more embarrassing than turning up to a fancy dress party in your glamest outfit. If you are going to a themed party it is very important that you follow the theme. Christmas is all about having fun so go crazy and show your boss how much of a team player you are in your funniest Christmas partywear outfit.

Don’t dress inappropriately

Remember, these are the people who you spend 40 hours of your week with so you do not want to jeopardise your professional relationship with them. Even though it’s a party, you will still being surrounded by your work colleagues so you don’t want to give too much of your wild side away with 95% of your cleavage being on show.

Don’t go to crazy
Yes we all cannot wait to get our best Christmas partywear outfits out that are the sparkliest and most fun and festive outfits we own but you still want to look professional. As I mentioned earlier, you will be partying with your work colleagues not your friends so maybe it would be best to keep that crazy little number that will make you shine like a disco ball for when you go out with your friends.

Don’t wear the same as last year!

This has got to be the biggest no no for all women! It is crucial that you do not break the girl code and wear the same Christmas partywear as you did last year. You would not wear the same dress to a party with the same people as last time so why should it be any different now?!


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