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Doobz – Wise Man

Doobz – Wise Man

South Florida’s own Doobz is no stranger to growth. A vet in the game, he doesn’t take any opportunity for granted. Now setting his sights on sharing his music with the world, he tells us just how he sees it and what his vision on the path to success is like. Here is what he had to say about his brand new track Wise Men:

“My song ‘Wise Man’ was really intended for my two friends and our group. BlackMetaphor sent me the beat about two years ago, but as a group we felt that beat wouldn’t work for us. After the groups separation, I took a long time off trying to figure what the next step was going to be for me. Do I stop doing music or start from scratch with my career? I was cleaning one of my hardrives when I found the beat. Just like that the inspiration came back and “Wise Man” was completed.”