Home Talent DMangelo wants to know: Is Your Music Worth the Investment?

DMangelo wants to know: Is Your Music Worth the Investment?

DMangelo wants to know: Is Your Music Worth the Investment?

Making music is art, creativity, and passion. It feels good to create a work of art. It’s even better when people enjoy your vision, and support your work. But what if they don’t. If people are not responding to your art, give them time to learn to love you.

Just because it’s good music doesn’t mean people are going to buy it. But if it’s good, eventually those who really enjoy your ability will support it. Support will bring you income and awareness. Hopefully you surpassed the vanity stage of making music, and have a bigger agenda at heart.

A hit record is not necessarily a successful record. When you factor in what it cost to break a record the traditional way, and want it cost to support a staff, shoot a video ect.. You may find that one hit record will cost you a substantial part of your budget. You will pay that money back and be back to square one, or under square one. However is it really necessary to go the traditional route.

You can invest in your own music, with your own funding, and manage your own profit. The only real question is do you think you are worth the investment. I fund and manage every aspect of my musical career. My music is everywhere, iTunes, tidal, Spotify, local radio, internet radio, Pandora, etc… Most of you probably have never heard it, but those who have heard and purchased it, empower me to do more.

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