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Deathwish Is As Blunt As It Gets…

Deathwish Is As Blunt As It Gets…

Following his latest release “All In,” Prophet Mike returns with a powerful message of unity with
“Deathwish” is set to release on Juneteenth (June 19th, 2023). The year 2020 was tough
for everyone but especially for African Americans as the racial wars and tensions rose to an all-time high in America. For this release, he transforms the pain and anger into something
beautiful through art and words. Over some hard drums and loops, Prophet Mike finds a way to
blend the sonics to lyrically explain the harsh realities of what it is like being Black in America.
Authenticity and storytelling are crucial for a rapper and Prophet Mike does that better and better
with each release.

“All In” Official Video

Stream “All In”

Stream “For You”

Streams “Mirrors” (Album)

About Deathwish — “I wrote this song during the 2020 protests or what Fox News refers to as
riots. The string of murders combined with Covid running rampant put me in a different
headspace. I was angry but also amazed at our resilience and strength. I wanted to call this
song COTS originally shortened for “City Of The Swine” but figured Deathwish made more
sense as it felt like we had a Deathwish because we are always in a state of doing absolutely
nothing but still being harmed and killed. African Americans make up the minority of the USA
but yet receive more hate crimes than any other group COMBINED. This is my CTA. This song is
about unity.”

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  1. Being able to give a message in a song takes such a gift. I love how you speak up about what African Americans are going through, but also comment here about how resilient we are. We need more music like yours. Music that calls out the racial inequalities but also uplifts black Americans to continue to push through and not be naive.

  2. He is only speaking what everyone wants to say but is afraid to due to the backlash they may face. Prophet Mike is the most authentic artist out and more people deserve to hear his message! It’s nothing but facts.


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