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ClarkAirlines – SkyFall

ClarkAirlines – SkyFall

ClarkAirlines is back at it after almost a years long hiatus. Over the past year we’ve received several emails and calls about his whereabouts.

After performing/opening for 10K people at the All State arena for the WGCI Big Jam 2012 featuring Rick Ross, Usher, R. Kelly, Kelly Rowland, Future, Fat Joe and a few others his home was invaded and in turn his computer and the hard drive with all his music files on it were stolen. Shortly after that, filming the video “PASSOUT feat. BeBe O’hare” he was robbed again and his camera was stolen.

For whatever reason someone was out to make sure that his momentum slowed down as he was gaining national attention blog wise. Also a few major labels had serious interest in his talents as well.