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Cientell Is The Next Big Star!

Cientell Is The Next Big Star!

For those who are familiar with the popular gospel rap artist Exodus Swift, what some may not be aware of is that he also manages some of the hottest upcoming talented artist. And when he brings a artist to our attention, it’s safe to say this could possibly be the next big artist. One of those artist is Ciên-tell. A hot beautiful songstress with the voice, the looks, and all the right moves. In Exodus Swift’s own words “Cien-tell is a mixture of all the great female singer / songwriters. When you hear a Ciên-tell record, it’s like you feel she’s singing directly to you. She’s a total package and that’s something you rarely find today in the business. It’s always either a great dancer and not so much of a singer, or great singer and not so much of a dancer. And the same with the song writing abilities. But all of those talents are equally wrapped into Ciên-tell. And that’s part of the reason that she is destined for greatness.” After hearing what Exodus Swift had to say about Ciên-tell we decided to take a listen for ourselves. And after watching the video ‘Slow’ sent to us by Exodus Swift and listening to some more of her catalog. I have to say, Ciên-tell is everything that she’s been hyped up to be. Believe the hype! Yes!

Exodus Swift clearly has a talent for finding stars. My professional opinion is her voice is incredible, and it’s beautifully and tastefully matched with her dance moves. That’s more than I can say about a lot of these female artist selling out arenas now. I could absolutely see Cien-tell going straight to the top. And keep in mind, after all we happen to be in a generation were Iggy Azalea shot to the top. Not to take anything away from Iggy, but she is no Cien-tell. They are clearly musicians within their own lane. And Ciên-tell’s lane is taking her in the right direction. I hope after reading this, you check this beautiful young lady out. Her music is incredible. Her swag is on fleek.  I know plenty of artist that have a little talent and we as music lovers, just fall all over them. We watch the concerts, the videos, and whatever else they have going on. It shouldn’t be hard for us to embrace and show that some love to Cie-tell who has the talent. If you are familiar with the term triple threat, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you are not familiar with it, then you really need to check out Cien-tell. Fellas, you’ll love what you see, and hear, that’s no question. And ladies, you will love the swag of this young beautiful songstress who is all about female empowerment.. Once again, if you are not familiar with the term winning on all levels, then you need to check out Cien-tell.

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