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Chin x Peezy – The Mind’s Eye

Chin x Peezy – The Mind’s Eye

Chin and Peezy of the Boston Hip Hop group Fountain of Youth have released their newest mixtape, Chin x Peezy: The Mind’s Eye. The Mind’s Eye is a deep look into the minds of the Fountain of Youth lyricists. The vibrant sounds reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, combined with the raw talent and passion fueling this duo creates a mixtape your favorite rapper couldn’t put down if he tried. The debut single from The Mind’s Eye ‘Persevere’ garnered 16K in views on Youtube, creating growing buzz surrounding this classic tape. From opening up chakras in your third eye with tantalizing rhymes to entering a musical fourth dimension with rhythmic strings guiding you along the way, this mixtape is a literal trip.