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Chefboy JB aka Jasper Balom – Self Educate

Chefboy JB aka Jasper Balom – Self Educate

Jasper Balom also is known as “Chefboy JB” won’t stop dropping knowledge bombs in 2020. Chefboy JB drops knowledge to all the knowledge seekers worldwide.  In April he dropped his new spoken word single “Self-educate”, and he is getting ready to drop his next knowledge bomb named “Depressed Black man’. Chefboy JB stays cooking and serving knowledge in these streets.

Chefboy jb serves knowledge in “self-educate”. Self-educate with make you realize that if you want to make in life and achieve your goals you must educate yourself on the things you want in life in order to liberate yourself.

Chefboy jb mission is to serve knowledge and educate and inspire entrepreneurship and ownership. Chefboy jb was born in South Georgia but travels the world dropping knowledge bombs.

If you would like to know more about Chefboy Jb follow

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Get ready for his new Knowledge bomb “Depressed Black Man”.


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