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#CheddaCheeze By Moshe Osiel

#CheddaCheeze By Moshe Osiel

This new 90’s feel dance record sweeping the nation. Feels like a fusion of hip-hop, soul, house and bounce music. With non stop energy from beginning to end #CheddaCheeze promises to usher in a new wave of music. This song has been embraced by the young and old. The combination of the repetitive vocals with the call and response type hook, matched with an RnB Chorus, will have this song infecting eardrums world wide. And force everyone to get up and dance on the dance floor.
Brooklyn born DJMC/Producer Moshe Osiel has been entertaining crowds state to state for over a decade. With his Bay Area roots fused with Soul, Gospel and Funk, Moshe plans to bring the “FEEL” back to “Feel Good Music” one song at a time. Blending elements of sounds from every region on the planet, Moshes’ mantra is “Music is Universal, so shall be my sound.”

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Brooklyn New York/Bay Area

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