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Check Out The Official Music Video For SYN PJ -Kick Rocks

Check Out The Official Music Video For SYN PJ -Kick Rocks

Kick Rocks was created to acknowledge the hard work and effort that comes with the street life. Encouraging to be strictly about making money and not focusing on anything that’s not beneficial. Also stating personal events and strong opinions to common issues. Very relatable to people who live or lived in the same lifestyle.

SYN PJ comes with RAW lyrics and EXCLUSIVE video once again! So different he should have a genre of his own! His unique style is gaining massive attention from all shapes sizes and colors. Most definitely hitting the top of the charts!

The love of music inspires me to keep creating. I love creating a masterpiece from scratch. It’s an unexplainable feeling when I finish my work of art and people love it I want that feeling all the time.

I started just freestyling on instrumentals and then recording them on just a cell phone. Then as I got more serious, I started to book studio sessions. After I built myself a catalog I began shooting videos to my music.

I know with the right promotion and exposure I will be well into profiting with my music in 5 years. I plan to be a commonly known music artist by then. I see myself with millions of fans and starting a record company where I can give talented artist a chance to be heard with a larger audience


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