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Chai Tulani Talks Sharing stage with Skip Marley, Fatherhood, and New Music

Chai Tulani Talks Sharing stage with Skip Marley, Fatherhood, and New Music

Sonic Soul & Afro pop artist Chai Tulani recently returned to Chicago from Arizona after joining reggae star Skip Marley on his “Change” Tour in Tempe, Arizona along with DJ Chill. Skip Marley is the grandson of the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley. This concert was a milestone for the young African bull Chai Tulani as he has stated in multiple radio interviews and blogs that Bob Marley is his #1 influence in music. In an interview with “Call It How You See It TV” Tulani recalls how bob marley has inspired and influenced his music in many ways. “Bob Marley is my #1 inspiration in music. I love all of Marley’s music, and I think it’s amazing how they each shine their own light while keeping Bob Marley’s legacy alive”. Chai Tulani and Dj Chill gave a phenomenal 20-minute set that left fans in Awe at The Aura in Tempe Arizona on Oct 6th, 2022 Shortly before Skip Marley hit the stage.

Chai Tulani, Also a father and loving partner to fellow artist, femcee, and educater Omo Nyame shared that being a father has shown him how to love in a new way. And How that love drives him to be more intentional with his art and how he delivers to his supporters. ” I live for them as I live for me now. Everything I do and am must reflect the greatness I come from and the greatness we are as a unit. I thank God every day for my beautiful family”

Just last week the singer released a new song titled “You know” ft Rhymes. The Soulful R&B track also showcases Tulani’s ability to rhyme and layer singing vocals simultaneously on a wavey soundscape. Rhymes’ soft and intriguing voice brings us closer to the suddenness of the song. When she comes in with her vocals a wave of peacefulness feels the atmosphere and reminds us that we can be both strong and soft at the same time. Listen to “You Know” ft Rhymes Below. It’s certainly worth it.

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