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Cevi – Sauce [Music Video] | GRM Daily

Cevi – Sauce [Music Video] | GRM Daily

Produced by himself and Hybdid Freqs, Cevi has really began to spice things up with the release of ‘Sauce’ on GRM Daily, a step up from his previous debut banger Henny. The young artist once again brings his sauce with a unique Spanish introduction followed by a cutting yet smooth flow on his chorus. Sauce definitely brings a palette of different lyric structures and flows through out the video. Cevi is an artist to watch out for.

The UK’s music scene is quickly evolving, as artists like Cevi Blxnco are breaking boundaries and creating unique lyrical concepts using their cultural heritage. Hailing from South East London, this young talent brings Colombian flavors into the UK urban scene and his versatility speaks for itself. Cevi was born in the capital city of Bogota where his family shortly moved to London in search for a better quality of life, he would begin discovering his passion for music as he grew older with the likes of Biggie Smalls and Skepta being amongst his biggest inspirations. His musical journey began in the summer of 2017 where he decided to represent his culture and Bilingual ability on a variety of genres such as Grime, Trap, Drill, and more. The best is yet to come.

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