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CeasRock – “Hip-Hop Faces Reality”

CeasRock – “Hip-Hop Faces Reality”

When you sit back and think about the phases of Hip-Hop and how in reality the state of Hip-Hop will never regain the essence that it brought to us when we first embraced it. Knowing that we all tend to deal with or accept certain changes with the way Hip-Hop is being projected NOW. Here at VMG we are trying to restore some of those qualities and memories that Hip-Hop has given to all of us. CeasRock from Montreal, Canada caught our eye after viewing his recent music visual “10.5” which was filmed in Paris. CeasRock sits down with VMG and talks about his new Mixtape “ZERO GRAVITY” which drops October, 28 2013, and his views on the state of Hip-Hop, and the overall differences between Hip-Hop in Montreal and Canada. Sit down, Relax, and see why CeasRock show us how “Hip-Hop Faces Reality”.

1. How did you come up with the stage name “CeasRock” does it has a significant mean?

Ceas was my tag when I was like 11. I used be into Graff heavy and I was experimenting with different letters to see what I could work with. My older brother came up with the name first and I stole it like I stole his rap career.
I added the “Rock” later; I was watching a Paris bombing doc (DIRTY HANDS I think…) and I seen a couple writers putting Rock at the end of their tags. I found it dope so I rolled with it. The whole CeasR thing worked out because I was born in Rome, but I only figured that angle out later.

2. What separates you from other artists “CeasRock”? What is it that you know about yourself as an artist that makes you different?

I feel like my ability to me “CeasRock” no matter what style of rap I’m dabbling in is what sets me apart. I’m not just riding a wave because its hot at the moment or whatever.. I’m able to really put my imprint and flavor on the style without comprising my authenticity.
I would say that’s a result of being exposed to a lot of different genres and styles in hip hop, and in music in general. Whether its boom bap, that west coast g funk, R&B or pop music, I take what I like and I’m able to incorporate it into my music.

3. What are some of your current accomplishments? What are you hoping to achieve outside of your music? touching lives and having an effect on people, what else do you hope transpires from your music?

As far as current accomplishments, I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished anything significant yet. But that’s because I have a BIG PICTURE GOAL and until I reach that, all the other things I’ve done don’t really hold weight to me. Obviously, being able to produce my own projects and have my peers respect it and enjoy it is cool, and being recognized by my local scene as a leader and pioneer is dope BUT I’m not trying to reflect on my career until I’ve taken it where I feel it should be.
Outside of music I just want to be a good human being you know… I don’t have many specific ambitions outside of this rap shit right now, but overall I want to leave a positive mark on everything/everyone I know. I feel like I was born to be a leader and a voice, whether I do that through music or another medium remains to be seen.

4. What inspired you to become an artist?

I come from an artistic background, my father is a designer and painter and my mother was a set designer as well. I guess they gave me access to artistic outlets at a young age. Although at first, I didn’t set out to be an artist, I just wanted to rap, it was later that I realized I was interested in all the aspects of creation and that’s when I knew I wanted to work in a creative field full time. That combined with my need to be vocal about pretty much everything I have an opinion was the final push I needed.

5. Have you incorporated other genres such as pop or rock in your music?

Hip Hop music is always borrowing from different genres, so in that sense yes. But I’ve yet to make a conscious effort to include any specific type of genre in my music. I’ve recently made my projects more style specific so that I can generate a more consistent vibe throughout the album, but it’s always hip hop at the end of the day.

6. Word is that you are currently on tour opening for Ab-Soul & Joey Bada$$, how is that experience going for you and any interesting stories?

I’m not on tour with them; I just opened for them when they came to MTL. …But, I did approach the UnderAchievers to tell them I was feeling their music, and before I could introduce myself, they knew who I was off the strength of people from the city telling them about me and what I do that was dope.

7. Are there any rumors you would like to clear up?


8. When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

Pretty self explanatory… classic shit I suppose. Material that stands the test of time

9. What can we expect from “CeasRock” this year? Or in other words, coming up soon?

ZERO GRAVITY DROPS OCTOBER 28 2013. We got 3 more videos off that project. We’re having a show to launch the CD on NOVEMBER 16TH at Le Belmont in MTL. I’m also going to release the second installment of the project called FREQUENCEAS in 2014. PLUS, I’m currently working on an EP with local producer 80ROCK called THE ROCKFORD FILES and a couple more things in the works… Can’t stop won’t stop…Take that, take that.

10. When I saw “10.5” visual I was truly impressed and love the whole concept of the visual, was that planned or was that a random situation in reference to the visual? [Either way it was “DOPE”]

Thank you. I mean, when we went to Paris with 514 INDO RECORDZ to record songs for FREQUENCEAS at ONETWOPASSIT STUDIOS, I knew I wanted to capture some footage from out there because it’s such a beautiful place with a lot of historical architecture. When we got back I connected with 5POUNDMEDIA, they grabbed the footage and took care of the rest. So we had an idea, and 5# brought it to life.

11. What does the word “Vintage” means to you?

OLD BUT GOOD> from a past era but TIMELESS so to speak.

12. ZERO GRAVITY EP seems to provide a high energy type of sound, but your flow seemed to be more on the smooth and mellow side, how do you feel about the particular combo and are you able to change up the flow or delivery?

I pride myself on being a craftsman when it comes to rap. I put in a lot of practice and truly studied those before me. So yea, I am able to change my flow and delivery pretty much at will. I consider myself more of an instrument than a lead singer or something, so whatever the song needs is what likes to do.

13. Can you explain your dealings with “FakeMusic”?

FAKE MUSIC is a label in Paris that’s on the come up. I met them through my engineer, and they really wanted to help push my music so we linked up for the release of 10.5. I have a good relationship with them and I plan on collaborating with them for different types of projects in the future.

14. Being that you Are from Montreal, Canada what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you titled your style of music?

I can’t really speak for CANADA because MONTREAL is a unique place in itself. There is a lot of love for hip hop culture in Montreal, and it’s filled with mad talent. Unfortunately, because of the politics behind the whole French vs. English language debate, there is a major division in the resources and support available to English artists. Nonetheless, that same diversity is really what influenced my style as a person and as an artist. We are a melting pot of cultures and styles so it has an impact on the way we present ourselves. It’s like, we don’t have pressure to stick to a regional style like the south, the east or the west coast. We pretty much take bits and pieces from whatever we like and mix them all up. That’s our style.

15. Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

WWW.CEASROCK.COM has links to every social media site you need to connect with me.

16. Any Last Remarks?