Home Talent Why We Should Care About The Dr. Greenfield song and Music Video “Dialysize”

Why We Should Care About The Dr. Greenfield song and Music Video “Dialysize”

Why We Should Care About The Dr. Greenfield song and Music Video “Dialysize”

Why We Should Care About The Dr. Greenfield song and Music Video “Dialysize”

When Francia Raisa decided to donate her kidney to a childhood friend, Dr. Greenfield had already written
and recorded the music video for his new song “Dialysize”. Outlining the challenges and treatments involved
when it comes to kidney disease, the respected nephrologist was taking his mission public with the intention
of rationalizing how we think about kidney disease and in particular, the process of dialysis.

Celebrity awareness and normalizing health issues
At this same time, there was also a trend beginning to emerge in which celebrities were using their troubles
to raise awareness of important health issues. While Lady Gaga was busy advocating for people suffering
from post-traumatic stress, Demi Lovato was speaking of her experiences with bipolar disorder, and Emma
Stone communicating the common misconceptions people have about of anxiety.
Unfortunately, in some circles, this “coming out” of famous people has since been depicted as attention
seeking or an alternative method to regain the limelight. For similar reasons, there is sometimes a rather
negative response when members of the general public announce their struggles with depression, anxiety or
an illness of any kind.
Simply put, it would seem that what we were once afraid to talk about in public became perfectly acceptable
but now that we are desensitized to such issues, we no longer want to hear about them. Of course, this theory
certainly does not apply to everyone but merely suggests that the stigma attached to health issues, in general,
is quite a sensitive yet particularly complicated barrier to break down.

Why the Dr. Greenfield song is so appealing
In many ways, this is possibly the most interesting reason for which “Dialysize” by Dr. Geenfield is gaining so
much attention. We are now desensitized to actors, singers, friends or family announcements and this
incredibly quirky, fun, and informative video from someone in authority is suddenly so refreshing.
Sure, Dialysize is not a lyrical masterpiece on the level of Eminem but rather, it is a meaningful attempt to
humanize the listener and raise awareness for an issue for which so many millions are suffering. People are
afraid of kidney disease, and the prospect of dialysis is no less than terrifying, yet here we have a respected
professional taking time to inform prospective patients that the situation is manageable at the very least.

The importance of the Dr. Greenfield song “Dialysize”
Francia Raisa may not have been raising awareness for her childhood friend earlier this year when she
donated a kidney to the infamous superstar Selena Gomez, but this is merely an example of how life is just far
more important than fame, celebrity or anything else. Furthermore, we should still admire and respect
anyone in authority who takes time to reach for the sake of others.
With the above in mind, while Selena Gomez is now using this experience to raise awareness for kidney disease,
we should understand the importance of the Dr. Greenfield song in that his new music video has suddenly made
this terrible disease worth sharing, and worth talking about – especially by friends who just don’t know what to
say to someone inflicted with this terrible disease.



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