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Car Insurance Policy For Teens

Car Insurance Policy For Teens

Car Insurance Policy For Teens


Car insurance is never kind to teenage drivers when it comes to the premiums they have to pay as this will generally be significantly higher than older drivers.  Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can look are which will lower these rates.  These tips should be looked at before you take out insurance for the first time.


Buy A Safe And Reliable Car


The easiest way to get a lower insurance quite is to have a safe and reliable car.  While you might want to get your dream care, you need to think about the reality of this because it could result in higher insurance premiums when compared to a car that has a higher safety rating and lower risk.  If you want to save even more money, you should not look at new models.


A car that is older will be cheaper to buy and new cars will come with higher insurance premiums.  However, you do need to be careful with the age of the vehicle as more than 10 years will also result in higher premiums.


Named Driver Experience


The cost of your insurance can also be lowered when you have an experienced named driver.  If you have been on your parent’s driving policy, you may be able to use this experience as a form of no claims bonus.  Having named driver experience will show your new insurer that you have a good driving history and have not been in any accidents which can lead to cheaper insurance.


Your License


Getting your driving license as soon as you can is the best thing to do.  When you pass your test, the price of your insurance will be reduced.  The faster and younger you are when you pass your test, the better it will be for you.  In the long run, having your license for longer will allow you to get a better no claims bonus for your insurance premium.


Price Your Insurance Before You Buy


A mistake that a lot of teenage drivers make is buying a vehicle without pricing the car insurance for it first.  When you buy a vehicle without pricing the insurance, you will often find that the insurance is more than you can afford.  This is why you need to calculate the running costs f any car that you are going to buy before you hand over the money. You can get cheaper car insurance on Money Expert


Getting The Right Car


The best car for teenagers will generally be those that have a low engine size.  When you have a smaller engine, you will not use as much fuel which will save you money.  If you have a tight budget and simply want a vehicle that gets you from point A to B, a small car will be ideal.  Smaller cars come with other benefits such as lower tax, insurance, and general costs.  Japanese cars are often recommended to teen drivers as they will be relatively cheap to insurance while being well built and with a high safety rating.


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