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Callaway Golf Purchases OGIO

Callaway Golf Purchases OGIO

Callaway Golf Co. Purchases OGIO


For the golf enthusiast, they know they have to look their best in quality apparel. Callaway Golf Co. is known to be this company that produces comfortable, quality and good looking golf apparel. Whether you are attending a golf tournament or you are on the course, you will create an authentic look with Callaway golf shirts.


A Wide Range of Golfing Apparel


Whether you are looking for Callaway golf shirts, shoes or hats among others golf apparels, Callaway will give you just that. Besides being of high quality, these apparels are designed in a way they protect the skin from harmful rays while golfing, and they are smartly designed to make you look your best. Once you have any of these apparels, you will understand why the products cannot be compared to those of the competitors.


Callaway Acquires OGIO


Early this year, Callaway managed to acquire OGIO International Co. which is its third acquisition since the year 2006. The announcement was made by Chip Brewer who is the C.E.O and president of the company known for Callaway golf shirts. Brewer said that the strategic fit between the two was undeniable. Callaway spent 75.5 m dollars to close the deal. Before the latest purchase, it had acquired Toulon Design. This is a company that is known for manufacturing and designing of putters. Callaway had also purchased uPlay back in the year 2009. This is a company that is known for GPS offerings, and it’s a chance that gave Callaway access to this.  The latest acquisition saw the shares of the company go up as from an investor’s perspective; this means more growth.


Legal Representation during the Deal


Each of the two companies had its financial adviser and legal counsel for official purposes.  The financial adviser of OGIO was Baird & Co. while the legal counsel was Snell & Wilmer LLP.  Callaway which is under Brewer as the president had Lazard as its financial adviser while the legal counsel was Latham & Watkins LLP. Craig Garner, Kevin Reyes, and Jeffrey Woodley led the Latham team in closing the deal.


Reasons for the Purchase


Despite Callaway being a big brand that is known worldwide for quality apparel that includes Callaway golf shirts, it has its competitors and thus has to do its best to remain a key player. Buying OGIO International Co. is one way that the golf brand is expanding. OGIO is a great producer of outdoor lifestyle bags, accessories and other golf-geared apparels. By this acquisition, the company will expand especially in the lifestyle category.


Golf is a sport that is associated with luxury, and whether you are a player or a fun, you need to look luxurious. The best way to do this is by getting Callaway golf shirts among other golf-geared apparels. You can look your best from the hat, the polo shirts, pants, belts, clubs, gloves, and shoes – basically, every apparels that have to do with golf. The apparels are not only for men but also for women who wishes for an authentic look.


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